Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wheel barrow loads of peppers and tomatoes!

I just finished putting the jars of plums away and thought I had better pick the peppers.  Oh my!  What a bountiful harvest!  This is the second picking of peppers I have picked.  (Say that 3 times real fast.  lol!)  While I was out in the garden I thought since it is supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon, I should pick the few ripe tomatoes so they don't split.  Few????  As  you can see by the photo there were more than a few.  I will not have a shortage of things to do while it rains for a couple of days now will I?  I am so thankful for the ripe tomatoes.  I really need to add them to my pantry shelves this year.

Plum season is over for the year.  I am so happy to be finished with them.  We ended up with 72 quarts canned, two dehydrators full, and one gallon sized ziplock baggie full in the freezer!  Not to mention the many many many we all ate fresh!

The peppers and tomatoes will be canned next.  I have been pickling the peppers, and oh boy are they good!

The big dark green peppers you see are pablano peppers.  They are put into the freezer.

I am seeing the end of the harvest season at last.  The beets and some dried beans are still out in the garden to be pulled and picked.  The cabbage is wanting to be made into kraut and there are a few ears of corn out there to be eaten.  I will let the tomatoes go as long as the weather permits and get as many sun ripened as I can.

Remember my citrus orchard?  Here is a photo of my lime tree.  Aren't those the cutest limes you ever saw??

Here is a picture of one of my grapefruits.  Now wouldn't you believe it?  As soon as I clicked the button a fly landed on my grapefruit and ruined the shot!

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