Saturday, September 26, 2009

Correction that is 8 new baby chicks!

We have 8 black colored baby chicks.  That is what hatched.  I can't tell which are the Rhode Island cross and which are the Blue Andalusians.  Oh well we don't care really.  : )

On another note, my crock pickles failed.  I think it was too hot in my pantry and they went really bad-----stinky!!!!!!  So I will stick to making sauerkraut instead.  I know I can do that right.

I am still canning plums as I type.  Dad, with a little help from my girls has been picking plums and bringing them into Mom, who has been washing and pitting them.  Dad has been wielding a paring knife also.  Then Dad has been carrying the plums over to my kitchen where they are put into jars, with honey syrup on them and water bath canned.  We are plugging away all day and so far have 38 qts. canned.  There are about that many more to go.  But hallelujah, we will be all finished with plums today!!!!!!!!  For the season! 

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