Friday, September 25, 2009

More baby chicks hatched today!

Yes, we have at this point 8 more baby chicks at Bountiful Acres!  Our second Buff Orpington hen has hatched out chicks from eggs I got from Bonnie.  We weren't sure how good the hatch rate would be as she had held these eggs for me for over a month!  There are only two left unhatched.  If they haven't hatched by tomorrow evening we know they aren't going to.  I was just hoping for one and we have been blessed with 8 so far!  All the Rhode Island/Blue Andalusian cross eggs have hatched and 4 of the straight Blue Andalusians have hatched.  They are so cute and so tiny!  I had to take mama hen out of her box and get the empty eggshells out of the nest.  So I took a couple of pictures to show everyone while I had the chance.

I think we are going to have to make the chicken house bigger with all these laying chickens we are getting!

There was an Aracauna egg under her too.  One of those hens must have gotten in her nestbox and layed it when mama Buff was off the nest getting a drink.   Since I don't know how long she has been sitting on that egg, I put it under a Black Australorp hen that is broody right now.  We will let her sit on that one and see if it hatches. 

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