Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'll take an order of beets please, and supersize them!

We pulled two beets today.  We had to see how big they really were and if they would be any good.  The biggest beet weighed in at 11 pounds and the smaller one weighed 5 pounds! This is a photo of our girls holding the huge beets.  I cooked them and peeled them and then we had a taste.  Yep!  They taste like beets.  The funny thing about them is what they looked like inside.  Kind of strange looking.  Of course then I cooked up the beet greens too.  Lots of good vitamins in there.  I think the reason my beets got so big was the soil.  When Ed pruned the orchard last winter he put the branches on the garden and then we burned them.  That is where I planted my beets.  My Grandmother used to put wood ashes in the row that she planted her beets in and said it was really good for them.  Well I guess so!  We will be doing that again this year.  Plus with putting in a wood stove we will have plenty of wood ashes for the garden.  I will probably pickle these beets.  That is our favorite way to eat them.

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