Saturday, February 1, 2014

A New Place-A New Blog!

A lot has transpired since I last posted!  Ed had a heart attack, triple bypass surgery, then a stroke and three brain surgeries all in the months of May, June and July of last year.  Needless to say our lives have been busy.

God is an awesome God and has kept Ed through all of this and is healing him day by day.  The prognosis is he will recover.  God said He is restoring Ed to even better than he was before.  We are so thankful for our family and friends who have been with us on this journey.  You know who you are.  Thank you and God bless you richly for your support and help.

My dear Mother also passed away suddenly a few weeks after we got Ed home from the hospital.  Yes, it has been a trying of our faith this past year.  But Mother is in heaven with Jesus now and is no longer suffering the afflictions of a broken body.  She is no longer in a wheel chair and is free to worship the Lord for eternity.  I am so thankful to have had a godly mother who taught me so much in the natural and in the spiritual.  She always held God's standards no matter what the rest of us may have been doing.  I still miss her so much, but I know that one day we will be reunited for eternity.

Through all of this the Holy Spirit has been teaching me how to trust in God and to know that no matter what happens, He works all things together for my good!  I have seen evidence of this over and over.  

After we went through all of this I started praying and seeking the Lord on what to do.  Where we were in Oregon there was absolutely no advanced medical care available to us.  There isn't even a cardiologist in the entire county!  Let alone a Neurosurgeon.  

Before this happened we had thought to move to Idaho.  Where we had been looking it was even more isolated than where we were in Oregon.  So with Ed not being able to do the things he used to do, that option was out.

Finally I felt I had heard the Lord say to pack up and go to Spokane.  Here there are many advantages.  For one there is a wonderful Church we are attending, we have family here that has been so supportive, and there is advanced medical care available.  There are many other resources here that have greatly benefited our family. 

The best thing is knowing I am being obedient to the Holy Spirit.  Others have judged me and questioned this decision, but they don't understand the spiritual aspect of our lives.  That's okay, Ed and I pray for them every morning.  : )

God has answered a prayer of mine that I have been asking for a long time.  I needed help with the girls' education.  Just last night that answer came!  I now have a tutor who has a bachelor's degree and has done a teaching internship, she will be coming to our home every week.  Super qualified!  I'm super blessed!  This person is my sweet niece Jessica! Someone much smarter than I now will be guiding the education of our daughters.  God's grace and provision for our family is wonderful!

I am going to start a new blog about our new life here.  We are so blessed and are looking forward to what God has in store for our future!  I'll post a link soon.

Oh and our Bountiful Acres little farm is still for sale if anyone would like to buy it!  ; )

God bless!