Monday, January 24, 2011

Our trip up the Coast

 This is looking south at Cape Foulweather.  It is on the Central Oregon coast.  It was a beautiful day, and no wind! 

Cape Foulweather was named by Captain James Cook.  Cape Foulweather is a basalt outcropping 500 feet (150 m) above the Pacific Ocean on the central coastline of the U.S. state Oregon in Lincoln County south of Depoe Bay. The cape is notable as the first promontory on the northwest coast of New Albion (as the area was then known) to be sighted and named by Captain James Cook, while on his third voyage around the world. His March 7, 1778 journal entry reads:

"The land appeared to be of moderate height, diversified with hill and Valley and almost everywhere covered with wood. There was nothing remarkable about it except one hill…At the northern extreme the land formed a point which I called Cape Foulweather from the very bad weather we soon after met with."

Audrey and Sally at Cape Foulweather.  We also went into the gift shop here and they got to use the penny press.  You know how they have that machine that presses a design and name onto a penny?

Isn't this just the most beautiful blue you have seen?  The ocean and the sky, such different blues.  God made such beautiful things!

We drove from our home in Coquille, north on highway 101 to Pacific City.  We stopped along the way and had to view the ocean and the beautiful scenery.  We had a picnic lunch at Cape Foulweather.  The girls got to learn about Captain Cook and how he named the Cape.

We had such a nice time.  The girls said they were enjoying seeing all "new land" on our trip.  When ever we head out for a day trip they ask us if it is someplace we have been before or if it is all new land.  :)  Too precious!

That is the most recent interesting thing we have done.  We plan on making several trips this summer and promise to share our adventures with you all.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tea Party!

These two little ladies came for tea today.  They were dressed up in their finest dresses, hats, and heels.

The table is set for a fine bunny teapot tea.  We have decaf Constant Comment tea, sugar and milk.  We had heart, star and flower shaped little sandwiches.  Some were lime curd and others were maple butter.

Miss Audrey enjoying a spot of tea and a little sandwich.

Miss Sally having her tea and little dainties.

The girls were having fun dressing up and having tea.  Their little tea set was a gift from their Grandmother several Easters ago.  We hadn't used it for quite some time.  So long in fact they didn't remember it.  So today when they came down stairs all dressed up and asked if they could use one of my teapots and teacups to have a tea party I remembered this set.  I had them wait in the living room until their table was ready.  They were so surprised to see the table set with this bunny tea set.  A rather nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.

It is so good to see them both well.  Sally was sick for several days and finally is doing better today.  At least she didn't have a fever today and is wanting to eat.  Thank you Lord for answered prayers!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.