Monday, June 22, 2009

The girls have a pool

We found a good deal for a new in the box swimming pool on our local Craig's list for our girls. We had been looking at them at the local stores. This one was listed at about half price and still in the box, never set up. What a blessing!

These photos are of the girls swimming before we even have it full all of the way. They just couldn't wait. The day we got it, we set it up and then it rained for 3 days! The girls were so disappointed of course. Today dawned beautiful and with clear skies. They knew it would be a swimming day at last. : )

This will provide hours of fun for them this summer. Mom and Dad might even join them if it gets hot enough. We aren't as tough as they are and don't like that cold water so much anymore. ha ha ha!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bountiful Acres now has pigs!

Today we got our 4 piglets. They are all girl pigs. They are 7 weeks old right now. Audrey and Sally are enjoying having new animals on the farm. They spent all afternoon with the piglets. I am posting some photos of the piglets and the girls having way too much fun.

Since the pig housing and fencing is finished we will get to the fencing for the turkeys and Dark Cornish chickens. They will get to go outside then.
While I was watering the gardens today I noticed that we have kohlrabi coming up and the cucumbers. The green beans are doing well and so are the potatoes and squash. I will take more photos soon.
Ed put two supers on the beehive today. The blackberries are in bloom and those bees will be busy collecting nectar and making honey now.
More photos and updates to come soon.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A day late thankful post.

I missed posting my thankful Thursday yesterday. The reason is, it was our 15th wedding anniversary. I am so thankful to have a wonderful man to share my life with. We had a very nice day yesterday. My sister Mechelle watched our girls for us. We took a drive up the coast, had lunch in a cute little place owned and run by a young couple. We had halibut from Alaska. Then we drove to a place called Loon Lake. We hadn't been there since either of us were kids. Well needless to say, in those days the place was on a gravel road and pretty primitive. Now it is all paved and fancied up and they charge you out the nose to visit there.

Anyway, we had a nice long drive and visit. Rarely do we go anywhere without our girls.

In other news, the cat that was killing our baby poultry has been removed from the premises. Ed caught him yesterday before we left on our date. Now the live trap is set for the white cat that is causing trouble here.

These cats are ones that people drop off out in the "country" close to a farm where they think they will be okay. Well that is cruel to the animal and not fair to those of us who are trying to make a living on our little farm.

Today I will get the rest of the garden planted. We almost had it finished when we had a rainy spell. I am also replanting some corn seed to replace what the darned crows have eaten!

As soon as I have a working sewing machine I am planning on a tutorial Frugal Friday post. It is one of my favorite things to do to same money. : )

Have a blessed weekend!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June is here already.

Today it is thundering and probably going to shower on us before I can finish up planting the garden. I was hoping to get everything in before the rain came. Yesterday I got on fourth of the big garden planted. I have my pepper starts in the ground and my Dad planted 7 rows of different beans for me. This photo was taken from the barnyard looking towards the house of the main garden before I got anything planted in it.

Ed finished getting the new raspberries in the ground that my friend Sheila brought me. And he planted the two thornless blackberries that he gave me for my birthday. We will have lots of berries now.
Speaking of berries, we had to put some wire over top of the troughs where I had planted the strawberries, as we have a couple of hens who escape the barnyard and were scratching around in there and up rooted several plants. We found out where they were getting out. There was a tiny little spot under the gate near the hinge where they were squeezing under. Today there is a log there. : )

We are enjoying our ducklings so much. They are very fun to watch. Thirty little ducks and their mamas can put on quite a show!

There are only 6 days difference in the two hatching ages, but they grow so fast, that the difference is amazing.

Today they are napping in a big pile to keep warm. Lilac was babysitting while White Rose was off getting a bite to eat or laying an egg somewhere.
It is rather hard to see them in the straw.
Hard to believe there are 30 ducklings in that pile.Here you can see the little one and big ones together.

Here is the recent photo of the turkeys. They are much slower growing than the ducks or chickens. They are still such babies we leave the heat lamp on for them at night.

These two photos are of shots taken in the orchard.

This the the recent picture of the Dark Cornish chickens. The one here in the center is the prettiest hen, she is a pretty golden color compared to the darker others.

This the the beginnings of my new greenhouse. You can also see the half barrels we bought to transplant the citrus trees into. There is also a strip of brown bare ground to the right. That is where Ed planted the new raspberries and the two blackberry plants.