Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bountiful Acres now has pigs!

Today we got our 4 piglets. They are all girl pigs. They are 7 weeks old right now. Audrey and Sally are enjoying having new animals on the farm. They spent all afternoon with the piglets. I am posting some photos of the piglets and the girls having way too much fun.

Since the pig housing and fencing is finished we will get to the fencing for the turkeys and Dark Cornish chickens. They will get to go outside then.
While I was watering the gardens today I noticed that we have kohlrabi coming up and the cucumbers. The green beans are doing well and so are the potatoes and squash. I will take more photos soon.
Ed put two supers on the beehive today. The blackberries are in bloom and those bees will be busy collecting nectar and making honey now.
More photos and updates to come soon.

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