Sunday, April 22, 2007


We are making good progress on getting our house ready to list. On Saturday we had a visit with our Realtor. She is the one who sold us this house 3 years ago. So she knows all the work we have put into it.

Not only did she give us an idea of what we can sell it for (2.5 times more than we paid for it!) but she also has a contractor who will do the new roof for us very reasonably. And we don't have to do all the things we thought we needed finished before listing! So it really is possible to get it on the market by the end of May. I am so excited. It seems like this is truly going to happen now.

We have been packing up things that we don't use everyday. Like my Wexford glass and now we are packing up the library and our videos and DVD's. Things to store out in the storage room off the shop. Just so the house will be less cluttered when we show it. Plus it gives us a little head start on the packing for the actual move.

We have the French doors to put in and the upstairs to finish the drywall and painting. Then we can list the house! So please dear Lord give us some nice dry weather to get the doors put in......

Yes, things are moving along at last!