Sunday, April 24, 2011

More lambs!

Bountiful Acres has two new lambs.  Lilah gave birth to twin ewe lambs.  One looks like her dad and one looks like her mother.  So we now have two ram lambs and two ewe lambs.  This is what we saw when we went out to the barn the other night.  I was afraid the little brown lamb had something wrong with it.  But she was just tired from being born first!

As you can see she was a big baby!  And she is up and walking around the next morning, along with her little sister who is a black sheep like their mama.

And here is Ginger and her two ram lambs that are now a month and half old.  It is amazing how fast they grow!

And then we have two ducks and three hens setting on eggs.  One hen has crowded into the duck nest box and is sitting on her eggs in front of the duck!  A bit crowded, but neither of them will give up the space.  At least the chicken will be finished  nesting in 21 days and she will leave with her chicks.  That will give the duck the additional time she needs to hatch out her batch.  Muscovy ducks take 35 days to hatch.  We also have a hen in the main chicken house sitting and one of our Dark Cornish hens sitting in their barn.

Yes it is Spring time here.  The trees are in bloom in the orchard.  Now for some sunny weather and no more rain would be really good!

Happy blessed Easter to all!  I am so thankful the Jesus came and made himself flesh and paid for our sins.  That He rose from the grave and now I am forgiven and adopted into the family of God.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Introducing the Victorian Rose Soap Company!

I would like to introduce my readers to a wonderful new handmade soap company.  It is the Victorian Rose Soap Company.  It has been started by a friend of mine and her daughter.  Mrs. Karen Lossing and her daughter Emmeline.  They have taken their goat milk and are making soap from it.  I have had the pleasure of "testing" many of them.  Let me tell you what luxury these bars of soap bring to the bath and shower.  They smell divine and are so pretty and pleasing to the eye as well.

Emmeline milks the goats that they raise organically on their farm.  They have a soap room where they hand craft the soaps.  Each batch is lovingly made by hand.

There are molded bars, cut bars, and also body butters for sale on their website.  They have really cute children soap in animal shapes and child pleasing scents available also.  And of course unscented soap as well.

To see them and try them for yourself visit the link to the right with their lovely banner on it.  Or just click Here .

Leave a note when you place your order to let Karen know you found her site via my blog.  This helps her know where best to advertise.  :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coming soon!

Coming soon-an interview with a creative lady and her daughter.  They have started a goats milk soap business.  Just wait until you see what they can do!