Thursday, April 14, 2011

Introducing the Victorian Rose Soap Company!

I would like to introduce my readers to a wonderful new handmade soap company.  It is the Victorian Rose Soap Company.  It has been started by a friend of mine and her daughter.  Mrs. Karen Lossing and her daughter Emmeline.  They have taken their goat milk and are making soap from it.  I have had the pleasure of "testing" many of them.  Let me tell you what luxury these bars of soap bring to the bath and shower.  They smell divine and are so pretty and pleasing to the eye as well.

Emmeline milks the goats that they raise organically on their farm.  They have a soap room where they hand craft the soaps.  Each batch is lovingly made by hand.

There are molded bars, cut bars, and also body butters for sale on their website.  They have really cute children soap in animal shapes and child pleasing scents available also.  And of course unscented soap as well.

To see them and try them for yourself visit the link to the right with their lovely banner on it.  Or just click Here .

Leave a note when you place your order to let Karen know you found her site via my blog.  This helps her know where best to advertise.  :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty website but as I was browsing through the pages I could not find any reference as to the size of the bars. When I tried to submit that question on her Contact Us page I got an error #207. Hope they do well with their new venture - we need more cottage industries here.

Mrs. Swinson said...

Hi Leslie. I have sent the request about the soap size to Karen. She will get back to you soon. I know they have weighed them all because they need that number for shipping.

Mrs. Swinson said...

Leslie, the weight of the soaps are on the individual descriptions of each soap. I can tell you the size of the cut bars are the same size as say a Yardly of London bar of soap. What I would call a regular size. Hope this helps.