Monday, September 14, 2009

A bit more for the pantry shelves

Today was a productive day. I had some great help with my canning efforts. My parents helped out with the plums this morning bright and early. They got the plums pitted and ready for the jars for me. I added 21 qts. of plums to my pantry inventory. Then Ed and I did some apples and pears. We put up 6 qts. of apples and one of pears. Then I canned 15 pints of pepper rings, and I have the pictures to prove it! So today was a very good day. Dad also got the last two rows of potatoes dug up. We are slowly but surely getting the garden ready for winter.

I have a lady who wants to come and pick some cucumbers this next week. That makes me happy someone else will be able to make pickles from our garden.

We will be putting a wood stove in soon. We are going with wood heat. I have always enjoyed wood heat. I will be able to keep my teapot warm all day now and can make a cup of tea when ever the mood strikes. Hot tea is one of my favorite things to enjoy in the winter. The girls and I love taking time in the afternoons to take "tea" and relax for a bit.

Here are the pepper rings. I can't wait to make nachos!

Luscious looking plums waiting to be eaten this winter.

The jar to the left is pears, the others are apples.
And now that I have taken so long to put pictures of the new ducklings on here, they have grown bigger since this photo. We had three hatchings the second time around. These are the three sizes. There was a total of 13. We have had two casualties and now have 11.

Have a wonderful week!


kelly said...


I am looking to trade our male Muscovy for another male out of his immediate gene pool. Since we're in CA this would definitely qualify for enough diversity to ensure healthy offspring. I am willing to travel to Oregon to visit friends and family and maybe do a duck exchange. Please email me at if you are interested. Thanks! Kelly

Mrs. Swinson said...

Hi Kelly, Thanks for visiting my blog. I have sent you an email to the address you gave me. Deborah

Claire said...

Hi Deborah,
Our Indian Runner female has lost her male companion and due to a neck injury (and her loud complaining of loneliness) we're looking for a home for her. Would you have any interest in integrating her into your flock? We raised her from 3 days old with a broken leg and she is a love. Her name is Lorelei. Please email me at if you have any interest or know anyone who does.