Sunday, September 6, 2009

Poultry photo update

Here is a shot of the garden. The bald spot is where we pulled up the green bean plants. The peppers are the first two rows in this picture. You can see the yellow banana peppers on the plants if you look close. Then there are cabbages and my over productive cucumber patch. Speaking of I will be putting up some photos of my relish making tomorrow. I am calling this the year of the pickle. lol! We have more pickles this year than we have ever put up.
A close up shot of the little chicks and mama's tail end. : )

Here is Vanilla and her brood. She successfully hatched out 12 eggs. Her babies are Blue Andalusian. She is a Buff Orpington.

The turkeys are eating an over sized cucumber from Ed.
I guess I forgot to take pictures of the new ducklings! I will have to do that tomorrow and put them up. We now have 7 for breeding stock. Our original 3 hens and two new hens we kept from this years hatching and two new drakes. One is Chocolate colored and the other black and white to keep that color in the flock. Stay tuned for a neat trick for overgrown cucumbers.

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