Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ducklings day out

Yesterday I let White Rose and her ducklings outside for the first time since they hatched. Boy did they have a great time! It is so cute to watch them. They stick right close to mama and waddle along behind her where ever she goes.

I took some photos of them in the duck pool for the first time. Some of them weren't brave enough to get in the pool and just waded in the muddy water outside the pool, but they all had fun!

Today I will let Lilac out with her tribe. White Rose has 14 ducklings and Lilac has 16. They are only 6 days younger than White Rose's ducklings but are so much smaller. They grow so fast it is unbelievable!

This is a picture of one of my little Speckled Sussex pullets. She had to come and get a drink when the ducks were swimming. We have several of these and they will be laying eggs for us around August. Isn't she pretty?

The new garden is all planted now. One down, one to go. This isn't the best photo of the new garden, I will have to take a better one next time.

I received my strawberry plants in the mail yesterday and they are now planted in the old water troughs out by the fence. This will keep them from getting washed away during the flood, and I can put some netting over them to keep the birds from eating them before I can pick them. We have 50 plants. That ought to give us enough berries for strawberry shortcake and jam. Now I just need a rhubarb plant. I will have to keep an eye out for one when I am near the garden centers.

More duckling photos to come. I am going to take pictures of Lilac and her little ones today. It will be their first day outside today.
I will also take some photos of the turkeys. They are at that gawky teenager looking stage. : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

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