Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am so thankful that our weather is going to take a turn for warm and sunny! We have a 5 day forecast of dry and warm weather.

I hope to be transplanting my tomatoes and pepper starts. I also have been given some wonderful Lily of the Valley pips, a couple of peach trees, a pic cherry tree and a blue berry plant and some raspberry plants from my dear friend Sheila. ( Hi Sheila!!!!! See me waving?) She is the the gardener with the green thumb, or maybe her whole hand is green! I have always said she can shove a stick in the ground and grow a tree and it will bear fruit the next year! So I have plenty of things to be planting during our good weather.

I have traded Sheila a couple of turkey poults and a couple of ducklings. We will have no shortage of ducklings once Lilac or Lavender (which every it is the girls named her) hatches out her eggs. She is the one sitting on 24 eggs.

Okay, I am off here to do my barn chores now. Have a wonderful day!

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