Friday, May 22, 2009

Frugal Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry I missed posting last Friday. Sometimes life is just too busy to write everything down. : )

One of my favorite money saving tips is to use cloths for my Swiffer mop instead of the disposable ones you are supposed to buy for it. I use a nice dish cloth that I buy in a package of 4 at Kmart with a Martha Stewart label on them. They are cotton and are just the right size. I try to keep them nice and white, but sometimes they get stained and it just won't go back to white no matter what I do. So instead of throwing them out, I then delegate them to the mop.

If I am just mopping a fairly clean floor, I will put a little dish soap in a bucket with some hot water and wet the cloth first and wring it out and put it on the mop to use.

Here is my recipe for multiple use. You can use it for an air freshener or a cleaner.

2 cups white vinegar
2 cups water
6-9 drops of essential oil of your choice. I use lavender or orange

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and pour into a spray bottle.
Give it a shake before spraying to mix the essential oils.

This works great as an air freshener especially after cooking fish or cabbage in the kitchen.

I also use it to spritz on especially dirty spots on the floor when I am mopping.

So there are the tips for this Friday. Anyone want to leave a comment with your frugal tips?

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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