Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

As the pictures above show, I am thankful we have our gardens tilled up! We have been waiting and waiting for the weather to clear so the ground would dry enough to till. Praise the Lord that has finally happened. If the weather is good, we will be planting the garden on Memorial Day weekend.

You can't see it in the foggy pictures very well, but Ed has started putting up a chicken wire fence around the garden. That is to keep big footed Duke our dog out. Well, and cats who think that might be the worlds largest cat box! Funny thing when we didn't have a dog and the deer would come and eat the garden up we never put up a fence, but now that we have a dog that keeps the deer away (just by his scent and presence on the place, not because he chases them) we have to put up a fence to keep him out. What ever works I guess.

Our ducklings are all hatched out now and we had a total of 36. Six of them we gave to my friend and her daughter. So we are down to 30. I think that will be plenty anyway.

Our new laying chickens have moved into the hen house now. We have been letting them outside with the big chickens and they have learned in just a few nights to come back into the barn at night. That is so nice when we don't have to have chicken round up each evening in the dark.

After we get the gardens planted and fenced, we will work on the new fencing for the Dark Cornish chickens a pen and the turkeys, which will be the duck nursery for a while. I hope the two mama ducks get along once they are sharing housing.

Turkeys sure grow a lot slower than the chickens or ducks.
We also are working on our greenhouse and soon the pig house/fencing. It truly is amazing what one can do with a couple of acres! We are thankful that our land is all flat and cleared.

Our fruit trees are loaded with fruit this year. The cherries are getting big already and there are tons of them. So are the pear trees, plums and the apples. I will be very busy this fall and summer putting up fruit. I will make good use of my juicer too.

Have a wonderful thankful day today!

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