Sunday, December 13, 2009

My sewing project for today

I did the challenge project from my online quilting group today.  It was fun to make.  This bag is for carrying your rotary cutters (or for anything you want to use it for.)   : )  The fun part was trying the different quilting methods.  I am so happy with my new sewing machine!  I might just do more quilting of my small projects now!

Here are the photos of the finished project.  This is going to make a good Christmas gift.

This is the finished bag.  You can see the two different quilting methods.  The one on top is just a diagonal feather stitched at a 45 degree angle.  The bottom section is a cross hatched quilting.

This shows the inside of the bag.  There are two sections as you can see by the seam down the center.

And here is the back, showing my first ever attempt at what is known as stippling.  You aren't supposed to cross over any stitching, but as you can see, I did..........  lol!

More projects to come........

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