Sunday, December 6, 2009

Frosty December morning

This is looking off the deck over the garden and out to the barns.  See how much frost is on the top of the deck rail?  BRRRR!

We are having a cold spell here in the Coquille Valley.  I am soooo thankful for it too!  When it is cold and freezing and clear, it means there is no rain to cause the river to flood!  Thank you Lord for answered prayers!  : )

I took a few photos of the crispy crunchy views from my porches this morning.  It was 26 degrees this morning.  The high today is to be in the low to mid 40's.

This photo is looking at the new greenhouse floor through the apple tree off the deck.

Here is looking off the front porch.  See the strange looking thing in front of my car?  Looks rather like a boxcar for a train doesn't it?  It is our new woodshed.  Since we have the woodstove installed, we had to have a place to put our wood to keep it high and dry.  Ed used scrap wood and pallets to build it.  Well I do believe he had to buy 2x4's for it, but mostly it is recycled materials.

Here is the woodstove all installed.  Of course a few Christmas decorations too.

This is a very frosty spider web.  I don't think that spider will get much for breakfast this morning!

You can't see the chicks very well in this photo.  Better luck next time.  The mama hen is so protective that she keeps running them under the barn when I try and get a photo.

I finally got the batteries changed in the camera so I could put the photos of the Cornish/Sussex chicks on the computer.  I took some of our two Tom turkeys strutting their stuff too. 

Here is Frank and John trying to prove who is bigger and prettier.

We have been doing inside things mostly.  Ed is working on the new storage area behind the knee walls in my sewing room.  We are going to have that all arranged and organized soon.  Ed is doing most of the hard work.  Isn't he so good to me?

I will take a picture when it is done.  Right now it looks as if a bomb went off up there!

Well that is about all the time I have for blogging today.  Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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