Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We have been doing some Christmas decorating at Bountiful Acres.  We have our tree up and decorated, the other decorations out, our nativity scene which is our heading picture right now, and we have lights up outside.

This is our little tree.  It is a noble fir.  I am a terrible photographer, so I am putting up several photos of the tree.  None of them capture how pretty the tree really is.

Here is another shot.

This is the stocking area since we don't have a fireplace......

Here is my display next to my reproduction 1940's radio.

A close up of the snowman family.

The Nativity Scene.  I painted this when we lived in Alaska.  I used to do ceramics.  I enjoyed it.  You can't find any ceramic shops these days..........

This is my cute snowman luminary.

Here is a cute little ornament thing that my cousin Rita gave us several years ago.

And this is a closeup of our Angel that goes on our tree top every year.

Well it is family night at our house tonight.  I need to go and make some clam dip, some pizza and find our movie.  We will be watching our favorite Christmas movie.  A Christmas Story.  You know the one where the boy gets a BB gun for Christmas and about shoots his eye out?  The other little boy gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole?  (My oldest son Jeremy did something similiar when we was a young boy.  Only it was the pole at Safeway!  lol!)   Sorry Jeremy, couldn't help myself!  lol!

Gee, got a bit off track with that didn't I?  We have been doing game night, and movie night.  The girls really look forward to these nights.  We had to buy some new games last time we went shopping.  We had been playing Kismet, which is like Yahtzee only using colored dice.  So we bought Sorry, Uno, Skipbo and Chinese checkers.  Variety is the spice of life!  : )

May you all have a blessed weekend!


rcp said...

very pretty! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Mrs. Swinson said...

Thanks. Merry Christmas to you too!