Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy December!

Is it just me or has this year just zipped by?  Here we are headed for Christmas in 23 short days already.

Sally and I got the Christmas decorations out of the shop the other day.   I had in my mind I had tons of extra Christmas stuff.  Well I had forgotten it had been thinned down severely last year...............Well I had intentions of doing it this year anyway and sharing with others.  I guess I will just check that off my list of things to do now.  : ) 

I have recently found out about making friendship bags.  They are bags made up with some helpful things for those who find themselves homeless and we see them asking for help alongside the roads/streets.  I am going to get my girls to help me and we shall make up lots of them and put them in a box in the car, so we are prepared the next time we see someone in need.  I believe in teaching my girls to have compassion on others and be willing to help how ever they can.  After all we are to do as Jesus did.  He came and gave of himself even to die for us.

I do believe we shall also bake cookies and breads for the neighbors.  Oh and I must get some jams and jellies made to add to the gift baskets.

I will be doing some sewing for my family for gifts again this year.  We are moving away from the commercial aspect of Christmas and are celebrating the reason we celebrate Christmas and to give to others of our handiwork, and time.  That takes so much stress off at this time of year.

So what are your Christmas plans for your family?

More news!  My oldest son Jeremy is home from deployment.  He has been in South Africa. He is in the Navy and is on the USS San Juan submarine.  I am so happy and thankful he is home safe and sound.  Well he is "home" meaning in the US.  He and his wife Deann live in New Hampshire.  He is stationed in CT. but travels home on weekends and when he has leave.  Thank you Lord for watching over my son and keeping him safe while he has been doing his duty and serving our country.

Duke is doing much better and is healing up nicely.  He still has the wound on his leg that is healing.  And he must be careful with not slipping and splaying his legs out and hurting his hips.  But all in all he is doing great.

I am going to charge the batteries in my camera and see if we can't get some photos of our Dark Cornish/Sussex cross chicks in the morning.  They are growing so fast!

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