Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poultry Flock Photos

This morning I took more pictures of our poultry.  Actually,  I never took photos of the turkeys or Dark Cornish, except for the mama hen and her new chicks.  So I guess I should say I took photos of what we call Barn #1, which is the laying flock and the ducks.  The turkeys and Dark Cornish chickens are in Barn #2.

Aren't those the cutest little fuzz balls you have seen?  If you could have heard the mama hen, she was just a clucking away calling them to the food.

Now they are getting the idea!  Standing right in the feeder.

Here we have some of the ducks before I let them out of the barn this morning.  The dark brown one with the white head and neck in the front is one of our males we have for breeding stock.  Then the small gray one right over his back is our newest male we are keeping.  And then the big white and black one with his head down to the right  of the chocolate males head is our third male.  He has black legs with yellow feet.  The girls have named him Yellow Socks.

The black duck with the tiny spot of white on his neck is a male that is for sale.  So is the white/black one next to him.  They are both males.  Then the two chocolate/white ducks in the left side of the photo are females that are for sale.  They were the latest hatchings of the year.  They will be breeding in the Spring. 

Our two males right next to each other in the left corner, plus our newest gray one in the center.  The two white ducks in the background are some of our breeding stock females.   Also the little one in the center.  Her name is Khaki, when she was younger she was almost a solid khaki color.  Now she is turning more gray on her tail and wings and her head has gotten more white.

The three brown/white hens in this photo are all for sale too.  Anybody want to buy some pretty Muscovy ducks for $15 each?

This is a picture taken of the layers waiting at their little chicken door to go outside.  The one Speckled Sussex hen was perched on the waterer and looking right at the camera. 

The rooster on the roost is one of our Speckled Sussex roosters.  He is really pretty.  He and I had a go around here awhile back.  He attacked me one day without any reason other than he thought he was the boss!  Well I took after him with the broom and chased him clear out in the field.   Then he thought he would come back for another try, I happened to be watering the cow at the time, so I put the hose on stream and gave him a few good squirts with the water hose!  We had a couple more "discussions" but he finally conceded that I am the BOSS of the barnyard!  Otherwise he would have ended up becoming what Sally and Audrey call "mean rooster stew!"  ; )

Everyone waiting in line to get outside.  Little did they know it is a terrible day out today.   Pouring rain and cold.  It is after 10 am and it is still only 43 degrees!

And here is a picture of our Araucana rooster.  He is so pretty in the sunshine!  You can see the nursery in this shot.  Inside the chicken wire are the ones I took pictures of yesterday.  They are several weeks old now.  We have them in their with their mama hen until they are big enough to go outside.  This way the other chickens get used to them and won't pick on them when they get let into the main flock.  Of course I noticed several of them  are roosters, so when they are grown they will go into the freezer.

And that is the last of the new photos for today!  Maybe tomorrow I will take photos of the turkeys and Dark Cornish in Barn #2.

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