Monday, October 26, 2009

New baby chicks!

Our Dark Cornish hen has hatched out three babies.  She has 4 more eggs, but they were put under her a couple days later, so we shall see if they hatch.  Anyway, these are our Dark Cornish/Sussex cross chickens we are going to be raising for meat.  The Dark Cornish hen has proven to be a good setter.  Now we will see how well she raises her chicks.

They are so cute aren't they?

I picked another wheelbarrow load of tomatoes from the garden yesterday.  The things I have left to do this season are:

Make ketchup and juice from this batch of tomatoes.  Make sauce and juice from my apples, make kraut, dry and grind my paprika peppers for paprika powder, can the rest of the peppers, make jams and jellies from my berries and fruit in the freezer.  Then I will be finished with the harvest.  It sure has stretched out for a long time this year it seems.  I am so thankful for the harvest.  God has blessed us again.

Here is our alien tomato!  Isn't that funny how it grew those two appendages?

Sally had to model the tomato too. And of course Audrey also pictured below.

Yesterday for fun the girls went out in the field where we have a huge maple tree on the outside of the fence.  They took the rakes and raked up leaves into a big pile and took turns hiding in it.  What fun to be a kid again huh?

This is a photo of the previous hatching.  This is the Blue Andalusians and the Rhode Island red/ Blue Andalusian cross.  They are growing so fast!

Their mama is the Buff Orpington.  She is a really good mama hen.

That is about all the news on the farm today.  Have a blessed week everyone!


Mary said...

How do you make your kraut? Do you can your kraut or just make it as needed? I'm hoping to get enough tomatoes next year to can much more. I really need to find a ketchup recipe that requires no additional sugar!

Can't wait for your next update!

Mrs. Swinson said...

Hi Mary,
I have a recipe for making kraut that doesn't require canning. It is made in quart jars. I will share the recipe when I dig it out and make mine.