Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beans, beets and birthday party!

Saturday was Sally's 7th birthday.  Our youngest is now seven years old.  Time sure flies!  We had her a party at the local pizza parlor.  She had a blast, got lots of gifts and at the end of the day told us "This was the best birthday I ever had!" 
The birthday girl having her pizza.

Sally and her friend Naomi.

On Sunday we canned our small harvest of shell beans.  I got 9 pints of them.  I was happy with them as it was my first year to grow them.  I didn't know they were pole beans, so they never had anything to grow on.  Next year I will be prepared and they will do much better.
We did 27 quarts of pickled beets on Sunday.  Then yesterday we did 71 quarts of plain canned beets!  We are stocked up on beets in the pantry.  Here is a photo of some of them cooling after coming from the canner.

I am giving that new stove a workout with my canners this year!

It has proven to be a good purchase.  It is wonderful for canning.  I love how the grates are across the complete top.  Make it easier to set the canners evenly.  Plus I use my power burner for the bigger canner that takes longer to get up to pressure because of its size.  The big canner holds 14 qts jars and the small one holds 7 qts.  So I can do 21 qts at a  time.  Sure makes it go so much faster!

What is next on our list of things to can?  Probably pears, apples and more tomatoes, salsa, peppers, and if I am feeling energetic enough, more pickled beets.  Yes, I have another row of them in the garden waiting on me to do something.  Maybe the pigs would rather have them?  We shall see.

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