Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Can you believe it is October all ready?  Time sure flies when you are busy!  The photo above is my first batch of tomatoes.  Remember the photo of the wheelbarrow of tomatoes and peppers?  That amount of tomatoes resulted in 30 pints of diced tomatoes.  I am so happy to have tomatoes on my pantry shelves again!  There are more ripe tomatoes in the garden waiting on my to pick them.  : )  Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and giving us good tomato ripening weather!

This is what is next.  A wheelbarrow load of beets.  This was just one row of beets.  I planted two.  : )  We will have lots of pickled beets this winter to go with those grilled cheese sandwiches.  Mmmmm!  I will also can some plain.  My family loves beets.  

I have a recipe for canning spaghetti sauce and home canned salsa I am going to try.  Also a lacto fermented salsa.  Thanks to Crystal at The family Homestead.  Here is the link to her website if you care to visit.  She has lots of goodies to read about there.

I have some photos to share of the garden and the orchard too. 

This is a picture of Ed and the girls digging the beets.  My garden is a mass of green by the end of the season.  We put straw between the rows for mulch last year.  Guess what happens when you do that?  The next year grass grows so nicely where the seeds fell out of the hay!

Aren't these pretty apples?

This is a picture of the branches hanging down on the tree where the pretty apples are on the photo above.

Same tree, different shot.

This is another tree that is loaded with apples.  Sorry the photo isn't very good.  We have 5 more trees  that are loaded with apples.  See what I mean about having more apples to do?

Can you see the little fellow on the grape leaf?  We have lots of these little green frogs on our place.  Probably because we have so many bugs for them to eat!

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