Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy September!

This summer has just zipped by!  Here it is September already. That means we are in the middle of harvesting, canning and putting up our yearly supply of food.  Sure makes it nice not to have to buy so much at the grocery stores. Below are some pictures taken here this past month.  We bought 100 lbs of fresh tuna and canned and smoked it.  Of course we had some fresh too. 
I have been canning lots of pickles, fruits, green beans, and just about anything I can put in a jar!  I will be posting pictures of our apple cider day which is tomorrow.  We are renting the cider press and will be making cider from the buckets and buckets of apples we have.  Harvest blessings to all!


Tuna after filleting

Tuna fillets

Tuna after being cleaned and cut to put into jars

Pints of tuna

Smoked Tuna!

Ed unloading the  canner

Three bean salad

Bread and butter pickles

Shelled peas for the freezer


Applesauce and apple juice

My Dahlias

A shot of the orchard


dj said...

very impressive! you have been very busy! does the tuna cook in the canning jars during the canning process?

dj said...

You have been very busy! very impressive..does the tuna cook in the jars during the canning process?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your doings! Everything looks wonderful!!!
- Stef