Sunday, August 5, 2012

August update

Our apple trees are loaded this year!

The first jams of the 2012 canning year.
We are in garden mode once again.  We have been keeping busy pulling weeds in the gardens.  The vegetables are just starting.  We have had our first batch of green beans, the zucchini are in production now, the beets are nice sized and ready to eat or be made into pickle beets.  We have had some nice peppers, lettuce, spinach and lots of kale from the gardens already.  There have been a few peas and we had some new potatoes.

The main garden last month
The new boat
Our most recent project is a boat we bought.  It is a fixer upper, but we are working on it.  We plan on going crabbing and fishing on Ed's birthday with it, Lord willing.

I am planning on doing a better job of posting on my blog this year.  I haven't been very good at keeping it up the past several months.  We have a desk set up with the computers now since the girls use them for school.  It is much easier to sit down and write a bit now.  I am always taking photos with ideas of things to write about, now I just have to follow through.  :)

I will be sharing our boat project for sure.  Next time I will post before photos of the seats.

God bless!

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dj said...

love your boat! sounds like fun. your farm looks so pretty and you have been busy, as usual!