Thursday, December 13, 2012


Gee November came and went before I knew it.  We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving.  It was flooding during that time.  I think that is the earliest we have had a flood since we have been here.  Then we got flooded again!  I pray this is it for this winter.  That we got that nonsense out of the way for the winter......

We have been having a great December so far.  We started doing an Advent devotion on the first of December with our girls.  Plus we made a cool Advent garland complete with candy and scriptures.

We have decided to really concentrate on celebrating the birth of our Savior this year instead of being pulled into the commercialism of the season.  We are putting more focus on keeping Christ in Christmas and less focus on "getting gifts" and we are having so much more enjoyment!  

I got out the calendar at the beginning of the month and planned out two weeks of things to do.  One day we do crafts, one day we do baking, some days are movie days, and of course we throw in a day of laundry and house cleaning to keep things nice!  We also have been decorating, looking at Christmas lights in town. We are also going to sew a couple of gifts for family members.  I am going to help the girls sew pajama pants for Ed for Christmas.  They are so excited about that!  Shhh, don't tell Ed!

I am having a stress free holiday.  I am really enjoying spending this time with my girls and Ed.  We are having so much fun with our activities and devotions.  This is what it should have been about all along......not me rushing around stressed out trying to make,  or hunt down lots of gifts and baking and planning and shopping, feeling bad because I couldn't get everyone everything I wanted.  Yes, I am truly enjoying this year!

I have lots of things to write about and share after the New Year begins.  I have been taking pictures and mentally writing on my blog all summer and fall.   

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