Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our visit to a local cranberry bog

 This is a photo of the bog we got our cranberries from.  It belongs to Marci and Dave Murray.  They have been so generous in showing us their bogs and giving us some really great cranberries!  Thanks Dave and Marci!
 This is Dave and Chad loading the truck with cranberries from the bog.  There is a ladder they go up and during that time most of the leaves and debris fall back down.  Then they are pumped out and they make compost from them.  It is used to put back into the bogs to feed the plants.
 Ed and the girls looking at the cranberries.
 These photos don't show what a pretty sight this is.  It is so much brighter and pretty in person!
 Two 5 gallon buckets of cranberries they dipped out of the truck for us!  They are safely in the freezer now.  I made some juice from them too.  Soooo good!
 In this photo the truck had left to take the cranberries to the plant.
 This is a bog that hadn't been harvested yet.  You can't see the tons of berries in this photo.  Trust me they are there!
 Marci was kind enough to take this photo of us.  It was a beautiful day!
 Here is a photo of the machine that thrashes the plants and the berries float to the top of the water.  From there they use floating booms to corral them and bring them to the edge where they run them up into the truck.
 When we were leaving, we met the truck coming back from the plant going back to the bog for another load.
 Close up of the berries.
 And here they are all washed and pretty looking in my kitchen!
This bowl is huge.  I know it doesn't look like that in the photos, but it is holding one bucket full of cranberries!

Another day we went back to the bog and Marci let us pick from her dry baby bog.  It is where they grow replacement plants for another bog.  They don't flood it, so they have to be picked by hand.  That day we got another bucket full!  I have been so happy to have fresh cranberries!  Thanks again Marci and Dave!


Mr. and Mrs. Hoosier Homesteader said...

The bog looks beautiful. What are your plans for all those cranberries?

Mrs. Swinson said...

For some reason, I replied but my comment wasn't posted.

Hi Mrs. HH! I will be making some into whole cranberry sauce. Some I have juiced and some are in freezer baggies waiting to be put into muffins and breads and such. :)

Anonymous said...

You put this on your blog! Yay! We loved having you come out to our farm and are so glad you are enjoying the cranberries! I love these photos!
- Marci