Monday, October 25, 2010

October updates

Time flies when you are busy!  Since the last post in September, we have been very busy.  Sally turned 8 years old.  I am going to share some photos of her party.  We actually had it outdoors this year.  Usually it is raining already on October 3rd.  This year we had a dry Fall.  That was so good as it allowed our garden to finish producing.  We had a late start this year so we needed this extra time to let it grow.  Thank you Lord for a bountiful harvest!

 This is a Swinson family tradition.  The birthday person gets the first bite of cake.
 This is how she looked after her first bite!
 The cake before the first bite.
 Sally, behind her is Jadeyn and behind her is little Samantha.
 This is Jadeyn, Sally, Gabriel, and Audrey.
From left to right, Gabriel, Sally, Adam, Josie, Jadeyn, and Lily.  Grandma is in the background. 
These are the birthday girl photos.  We had the party in the Gazebo.  She had a pinata along with the pretty pink cake!

Stay tuned for more photos of the harvest!

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Lisa said...

What a pretty birthday girl and what a beautiful day for a party!