Monday, October 25, 2010

The continuing harvest

These photos were taken on September 29th.  I have since processed them.  Some are pickled, some are canned, some are in the freezer.

 Some of our carrot harvest.  I had actually forgotten I planted this mix of colored carrots.  What a surprise to dig them up!  Aren't they so pretty?

 They were very tasty too!  The strange thing about eating a white carrot was I kept expecting them to taste like parsnips, but they don't.  They taste just like a sweet carrot.
Nice looking corn.  We didn't grow this but our neighbor did and gave us this batch.  It was tasty!
These photos were taken today in my kitchen.  The jars are full of tomatoes.  The one bowl is full of tomatillas that were a freebie in my garden.  They had seeded themselves last year.  I will be making some salsa verde with them.
 These are some sweet banana peppers and the hot peppers I have no idea what they are.  I planted a hot pepper mix.
 Jalapeno and hot red cherry peppers.  So pretty together!
 Some of the banana peppers..........
 Bell peppers, Anaheim, pablano and more banana peppers.
 This is one five gallon bucket of beets, I have a big box of them out in the shop waiting on me.  They will be pickled beets soon in a jar on my pantry shelf.

Stay tuned for a visit to a cranberry bog.

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Mr. and Mrs. Hoosier Homesteader said...

I love seeing everything you can up. I'm looking forward to the visit of the cranberry bog. I LOVE cranberries!