Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ready for a good laugh?

I don't know if everyone who reads my blog knows about my children's ages.  Both my husband and I were married before and have children from those marriages.  I have two sons that are 31 and 29.  My husband who is 17 years my senior has two sons and a daughter who are all in their late 30's early 40's.  Then God saw fit to give us our two girls after my sons had grown up and left home.  So our poor girls have "old" parents.  Matter of fact people in town always ask us if they are our grandkids.  Which really makes our girls indignant!  lol!

I said all of that to tell  you the funny story.  Since we are not spring chickens so to speak, we have a tendency to forget things once in awhile.  Like where we put something.  We take fish oil and other vitamins that are supposed to help our memory.  So it is a family joke that when we forget something someone will ask if we took our fish oil that day.  : )

Here are some photos of pictures our girls drew for us some time ago.  They decided the best place to display them was on either side of our bed.

This is the picture that Audrey drew for me, and it is on my side of the bed on the wall.

This is the picture that Sally drew for Ed and it is on his side of the bed.  (I think I will put them in frames.)

The other day I was in the kitchen working and Audrey comes in there and starts talking to me.  Out of the clear blue she says this:  You know the pictures we drew for you and Dad by your bed?  I said yes.  She says well good thing we made those for you.  I waited for her to elaborate.  She says, that way when your fish oils wears off you will still know which side of the bed you are supposed to sleep on .  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is what happens when you have old parents I guess.  We laugh about this every night when we go to bed!

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