Friday, January 15, 2010

Our new Andalusian hens are laying

We got our first tiny Blue Andalusain egg the other day.  It went from being tiny and round to the small nicely shaped egg in a few days.  Pullet eggs are so cute! 

The two brown eggs are normal sized eggs.  To the left you can see the tiny round first egg of one of our Blue Andalusian hen.  Now we have a couple more hens laying the white egg.  These are from the new Blue Andalusian hens that hatched out 4.5 months ago. We are back in production with the eggs.  We are getting 12-17 eggs a day and that number will go up as the new ones get to laying regularly.

This is  a picture of a flour sack towel that I embroidered a design on and then attempted to crocket a border on the bottom.  Does it look like a Valentine day project?  I have a friend who loves pink so much her kitchen is done in pinks.  I think she would like something like this.  : )


Anonymous said...

Love the dish towel! And I sure wish I had some of those eggs right now.


Mary said...

We're thinking about adding Welsummers and possibly Easter Eggers to the mix next year. I love seeing how different all the eggs are!

Mrs. Swinson said...

Hi Mary,
We have the Araucauna/Easter eggers too. Our girls love getting the blue eggs. I think of all the chickens we have raised in the past 30 years my favorite have to be the Buff Orpingtons. They are so pretty, big and fluffy, and they lay nice brown eggs, and are excellent mothers. They have a great personality too.

No matter what chicken a person chooses they just can't go wrong in my book! : )

Mrs. Swinson said...

Thanks for the compliments Lisa. You know if we lived near each other you could come get eggs any time. We got 17 chicken eggs and one duck egg today. : )