Monday, January 25, 2010

Misc. musings

Good morning!  How are things at your house?  We are doing well.  We have been busy doing our regular things and working on organizing my sewing room and making room for Ed to have a space of his own.  (Yes that means I am sharing part of my sewing room.)  For far too long my sewing room has been the catch-all room.  And I could never find anything, so I was always having to dig through my fabric and craft supplies, which makes a mess.  When we are finished, I am going to have my fabric all sorted and in order.  One of these days I will put them in colorways too, but for now nice and neatly folded according to fabric content is my plan.  I will post some photos when it is finished.  I have "before" pictures but I am too embarrassed to show everyone! 

Yesterday I baked bread and made pizza.   The girls each got a blob of dough to make something too.  They made their own little loaf in a pie tart pan. 

Here they are with their creations.   Sally was saying "B R E A D"  lol!

Sally's bread close-up.

Audrey's close-up.  Hers looks like I big clam doesn't it?

My bread before going into the oven

The pizza coming out of the oven.

And the following photos are what happened when the girls got ahold of the camera while Mom and Dad were upstairs working on the sewing room.  No wonder my batteries are always dead when I go to use my camera!

Sally in her dress up dress dancing.

More dancing.

Audrey dancing.

Toby napping on the loveseat. 


Audrey and Duke\

The remaining scar from Duke's accident.

Sally and Toby.

Audrey and Toby, (who isn't looking too happy with the photo shoot.)

Sally trying to avoid being licked by Duke.

Kitty and Tiger

Close-up of Kitty and Tiger.  Audrey was given Kitty at the hospital when she was born.   So Kitty is going on 10 years old.  She used to be pure white with a bright pink ribbon.  Tiger was given to Sally on her 1st birthday and is 6 years old.   They have to sleep with these every night.

And of course here is Kitty again.

Silly Duke sleeping with his head smashed up against the chair.

Here he is again.  The reason I took this photo is because he was snoring so loudly we had to turn up the TV.  LOL

And that is all I have to share with you today.   Hope your day is blessed and productive!


Mrs. Mike said...

Busy day at your house! From the first picture posted to the last, it looks remarkably similar to our own!
Enjoy this new day in the PNW!

Mrs. Swinson said...

Isn't it fun to run accross another family doing the same things as you? Thanks for leaving me a comment. I know lots of folks read my blog, but rarely leave comments. Sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself! ha haha!

Mrs. Mike said...

So not unlike yourself, I'm a-thunkin' there's a whole pasal of peekers only a few of which dare to respond...hmm...

Mrs. Swinson said...

I guess you are more right than I about this! lol I put a counter on my blog so I did find out I am not talking to myself all of the time. : )