Friday, November 6, 2009

A little Frugal Friday tip

What are those little cups you ask?  They are the Ball freezer containers.  ( I just love them!  Aren't they cute?)  On the left are lemon juice and the two on the right are lime juice.

I buy 5 pound bags of limes and lemons from our local wholesale grocery.  They are so inexpensive this way!  I can usually pay less than 3 dollars a bag for them.  While at the regular grocery store I might be lucky to buy them two lemons for a dollar. 

And you are thinking, who in the world uses that many lemons and limes at one time?  I use several each week in my cooking.  Also we use the slices in plain water to fancy it up a bit.  Or I make lemondaid or limeaid once in awhile.  But for those times like this last shopping trip, that I can't use them all up before they start going bad.............I squeeze them and freeze the juice.  I can use it later on for cooking or for lemonaid.  That way I don't waste any of that goodness.  : )

We picked up our beef from the butcher yesterday.  Tonight I made chuck roast with potatoes and carrots, onions and garlic.  I must say this is the best beef we have ever eaten!  It is so fine textured, and tender!  I was so sad to have the cow butchered, but now we are blessed with hundreds of pounds of beef that you can't buy at any store. 

Next Wednesday the pigs are going to the butcher.  We will have a completely stocked freezer and pantry now.  We have been very very blessed.  We are so thankful for all the Lord has given us.

Last Wednesday Ed was laid off work without any notice.  They just showed up at our door, told him to clean out the truck and hand over the company cell phone, that his job had ended!  That was shocking and very frightening at first.  After being upset and shocked, we just prayed and thought about it and have decided that this is just another blessing.  Ed was planning on retiring next Spring, and this just made it happen a bit earlier. 

The girls and I are so happy to have Ed home all day with us.  He has time to do all the projects that he couldn't get to when he was working a full time job.  And we can wake up naturally without that annoying alarm clock going off at 5am.  We still wake up then, but know we don't have to jump out of bed right away and can doze off for another hour.  Yes, that is a blessing!

God is our provider and we are just to trust in Him.  What peace we now enjoy.

Have a blessed weekend all!

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