Saturday, November 14, 2009

Duke is home!

We brought Duke home yesterday, late.  He wasn't walking when we brought him home.  But after being home for a little while he got up and wanted to go outside.  He went out and did his business!  First time since he got hit.  He also walked up and down the stairs and walked all over outside.  Poor fella ran and got into his dog house!  Ed had to haul him back out of there and bring him back in the house.  He has been an outside dog, and he felt much safer out in his dog house I guess.  We are still giving him lots of meds.  He has steriods for swelling that is pinching on his nerves in his hind hip/leg, antibiotics, and pain medication and antibiotic cream for all the scrapes.  Funny thing is they gave him the same pain med that they gave my Dad after surgery!

He finally drank lots of water this morning.  We are just praying for a complete recovery.  We are so happy to have him home at last!

God is good!

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