Thursday, November 12, 2009

Duke needs prayer

Duke got hit by a car yesterday!  He was chasing a cat in the field next to us, and ran out into the road and got hit by a full sized van!  He ran back home after laying in the road for a few minutes.  The woman who hit him had come to tell me she did it.  He was down the road several yards from our driveway.

We took him to the vet, who took x-rays and examined him.  He is badly bruised, skinned and has stitches in his back right leg/foot.  He can't seem to get up and walk right now.  The vet seems to think it is because he has so much swelling and pain.  We were all so devastated when this happened!  He is still on IVs and pain medication.  He isn't eating or drinking on his own yet.  We don't know when he can come home.  He needs to be able to eat and drink and get up on his own first.  Please say a prayer for his full recovery.  He really is a sweet dog and our girls and all of us are so attached to him.

The same day in the afternoon our wall heater in our kitchen shorted out and caught on fire!  Thank the Good Lord I was in the kitchen when it happened.  I yelled for Ed and he flipped the main breaker and I grabbed the baking soda and we got the fire out before it caught the wall on fire.  Thank God for keeping us safe!

I will post more updates on Dukes recovery as we know what is happening.

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