Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update on the farm

We have had lots of happenings since I last blogged. One thing that has happened is my computer lost (or ate up or sucked it up into cyberspace somewhere) my camera program. So now I can't upload photos to my blog. That is so irritating! I have to try and find the disc that came with my camera to re-install the program.

Three weeks ago today I traded some Muscovy hatching eggs for some Blue Andalusian chicken eggs. I put those under a broody Buff Orpington chicken. Right on schedule she hatched out 12 new baby chicks today! They are so cute! Thanks so much Bonnie for trading. I would have never picked that breed without seeing yours first. I hope that your ducklings have as good a hatch rate.

Speaking of hatching ducks..............Daisy the duck has hatched out 6 little ducklings about a week ago. Today White Rose the duck has hatched out 4 more! Lilac is sitting on three eggs which we expect to hatch in the next few days. Ducklings everywhere on Bountiful Acres!

An interesting story to tell about our Dark Cornish. Bonnie purchased two hens and a rooster of this breed from us. We chased those silly chickens all over the pen getting them in her pet carrier. We thought we had the two hens and a rooster in there. After she drove almost an hour home, she found out she only had one hen in the carrier! That sneaky chicken tricked us both! How and when she got out of that carrier is beyond me! So she is having herself a good old time out in the hen house. Next time we are going that way or Bonnie is coming here, we owe her a hen!

More Dark Cornish chicken news is we got our first egg from them yesterday. One of the hens laid a small egg on the floor of the barn. She put up a big noise cackling to tell the whole place she had laid an egg. (That is how I knew to go and look!)

We have the four Red roosters and four Dark Cornish roosters taking up residence in the freezer now. Next will be ducks to go in the freezer.

The tom turkeys are starting to strut their stuff and puff out their feathers and do their turkey dance. The girls said today they look just like Thanksgiving turkeys when they do that! : )

Let's see, what else is new? Oh yeah, we are harvesting from the garden. We have been eating spinach, Swiss chard, zucchini, crookneck squash, green beans galore and peas. We picked 2 five gallon buckets of green beans yesterday off just two rows. We won't have a shortage of beans this year that is for sure.

The girls and I have been picking the wild blackberries that line our property. I have put up about 5 gallons of them in the freezer already. Those will become pies, juice, jelly, jam and syrup.

We also have baby limes, grapefruit, lemons and oranges on our citrus trees. That is so exciting.

I hope to get my camera program back up and running soon, so that I can share photos of all the new babies.


Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to say that I like your blog, you have a creative way with words. I made it home with all three hens this time, thanks. Hope your day is a good one....~Bonnie~

Mrs. Swinson said...

Thanks Bonnie! We didn't let those hens get the better of us this time! :) Come over and visit anytime.