Monday, July 13, 2009

Photos of this and that

Just wanted to share some photos of the place taken recently. This first photo is of one of my new Speckled Sussex hens. I think they are such pretty birds.
This is where my new greenhouse will be built. Ed is going to start on that as soon as he finishes up some other things.

This is a photo of my Muscovy hen that is sitting on 4 duck eggs and one of my California White hens who thinks she wants to sit on this nest! They are both crammed into one of my chicken nest boxes. I keep taking the chicken out. Well now she sits in the box next to the duck so I am thinking of giving her some Blue Andalusian eggs I am going to trade a lady for Muscovy duck eggs. We also have a Buff Orpington who is setting again.

And this is a photo of Sally's 4 leaf clover she found in the yard yesterday. We have pressed it and put it in a book to dry.

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