Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sad day for Sally's favorite turkey

Yesterday while we were unloading hay, Sally found her favorite turkey dead in the barn. It was the littlest hen. She was the one who had fell down inside the wall when she was small and had to be rescued. Sally had named her Diamond and said she was the cutest, smallest turkey and had the prettiest eyes of all of them. Now does that sound like a little girl who really notices her poultry and pays attention to every detail? Sally does love her birds and was really crushed by finding Diamond dead. Her daddy told her that when the turkeys hatched out more babies in the Spring that she could pick out one for herself and we would put a leg band on it. She finally was comforted by that. And with Audrey telling her that her turkey Diamond was up in heaven with Audrey's chicken Sweetie that had died last year. : ) Isn't that sweet?

We were blessed to get 4 loads of dirt from the county road project going on down from us a bit. Our neighbors gave it to us as it belonged to them. They let the county have part of their field in order to move the road over where the river has washed it out when the floods come. That was very kind of them. Now we are able to build a raised area where my cow can stay out of the flood waters when they come. Poor thing last year was standing on the bump where we park the cars. Half of the time she was wading in the flood water in the orchard. This year she will have shelter and be up out of the water.

Our little pigs are growing. They are so funny the way they run around and play.

I am going to have to look harder for my camera disc so that I can put up more pictures.

Today I am going to be freezing blackberries that we picked. Gallons of them that is! I am also going to juice some carrots, make some gingered carrots that is a fermented (like sauerkraut) dish. So good for you! I have some laundry to get finished up and then I believe I will get the school stuff out and get it organized for another year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful productive day!

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