Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good bye to 2010

Is it just me or has this past year just zipped by?  Especially the past two months which feel they have gone by so quickly.

Now that our Christmas celebration is over for another year, my mind turns to things inside my home.  I want to start redecorating and sprucing up my home. 

The next few months are much slower paced and there isn't anything pressing that NEEDS to be done at a certain time.  I enjoy this time of year.  A new year begins full of hope and plans.  Wondering what the Lord will bring our way this year.  What can we do to be more servant minded to others in the Name of Jesus?  What good things do I need to be teaching my daughters? 

Some of my plans for this next year are to read more of my Bible, read more to my girls, make my home a place of peace and rest for my family and anyone who comes into it.  To teach the girls how to sew on a sewing machine.  We will be sure to share our sewing projects with you all! 

One specific thing I plan on doing with my daughters are to chose one person (maybe more if time allows) each month and make something special for them to brighten their day.  I think it will be good to teach the girls to be more mindful of others and learn how to be a blessing.  Plus it will be good mama/daughter time doing something fun! 

We have had a flood here.  We live in the flood plain, so it is no surprise.  Thank the Good Lord it wasn't very big or of a long duration.  The water is to recede by tomorrow.  

Guess what came down the river and onto our property?  A couple of geese.  They are now in our pasture waiting for their owners to claim them.  If they aren't domestic geese gone feral or something like that.  I guess if nobody claims them they will become residents of Bountiful Acres Homestead.  

It was my mother who saw them out her window.  I told her keep her eyes peeled for a milk cow coming down the river, we could really use one of those!  

One year Ed got some lumber that floated down the river during a flood.  We have also lost some things to the flood.  Like one year the girls had a pedal car, it went down the flood and ended up in the middle of a huge field downstream.  A duck pond (wading pool) got lost another time.  It is amazing the things that appear along the road after the flood.  It is because the river runs down the road when it floods, besides flooding from the bank on our back property line.

I will put a up a couple of photos of the driveway and the road.  Some folks who know there are two ways to get into town from here always ask, well can't you go the back way?  When you see how the river is on the road you will know why going either direction isn't an option!  ;)

I have a few roses that are still blooming on my bushes.  I am going to pick some when the water goes down and bring them in for a special bouquet during the winter.  I might pick some rosemary for the greenery part as the leaves on the rose bushes have been gone for some time.

 This is looking down our driveway towards the road.

Now shall we turn left and go the back way to Myrtle Point?
Or shall we turn right and go into Coquille?
Two little girls and their dog looking out the bay windows.
And here are our new guests that came down the river today.

That is the news for today!  Have a blessed day.

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