Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today's accomplishments

When I looked at these peppers I immediately thought Christmas!  Aren't those the prettiest green and red peppers you have seen?  The red peppers are Paprika peppers.  the green ones are an Ancho pepper.  Today was pepper day at Bountiful Acres.

I canned 23 pints of pickled banana peppers.

Ed helped me chop them all up yesterday.  That was a chore!  Plus we did onions and tomatoes and all the bell peppers, Anaheim peppers and some garlic and cilantro.  That turned into salsa.
Here the salsa is mixed up and waiting for jars.

A close up of the yummy salsa.

And another close up of the pretty Christmas peppers.  : )

These green peppers got canned in pint jars.  This made 4 pints.
Then I got 16 pints of salsa, and 23 pints of pickled peppers.  So I have a total of 43 more jars on my pantry shelves today.

I think tomorrow I will have a day of rest.  Even the good Lord rested after creating the universe.  : )

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