Thursday, March 11, 2010

New news at Bountiful Acres

Remember when I showed you photos of our citrus orchard?  The trees have been living in my window box in our living room this winter.  Guess what?  We have been eating our first mandarin oranges!  They are so good and we are just thrilled with having successfully grown our own citrus fruit.  : )

Here is a photo of three of them.  I know I forgot to take photos of picking them off the tree.   Actually we were so excited to be eating them, that I barely remembered to take a photo of them before we scarfed them down!

Here is a photo of Audrey and Sally about to eat their mandarin orange.  Notice Sally's haircut?

Next photo is of our egg production today.  We got a total of 38 eggs.  Two of them were turkey and one duck, with the remaining being chicken eggs.

This is the photo of the first ducklings of the year.  Only 3 survived and went to live at their new home, along with thier mama duck and a daddy duck.

This is our sweet little grandson Avery.  We got this photo when they came up for a visit last month.

This is a photo of Audrey and Sally with Mesah our granddaughter.  She is Avery's big sister.  Yes, it is strange we have daughters younger than our granddaughter! 

Here is the entire family.  Jared, my youngest son, his wife Christa and you have already met the grandkids.  : )  The only one missing from the photo is Bryce, the big brother.  He lives in Alaska and comes for visits during Christmas, Summer and Spring break.

What in the world is this you may ask?  Well it is called my winter salad.  I canned jars and jars of beets this past year along with green beans.  So I dreamed up this salad for our dinner today.  I opened a qt. of beets and green beans, boiled them for the recommended 15 minutes.  Then cooled them, added some chopped red onion, a couple of handfuls of frozen thawed peas, and some shredded carrots.  I made up a dressing and added some salt and pepper.  This went along with the pork steaks I cooked and cottage cheese for dinner.

When it stops raining and Ed is working on the greenhouse again, I will be posting photos of the progress on that.  Stay tuned, I promise to do better on updating more frequently from now on.  God bless!


Mrs. Mike said...

Hooray, Mrs. Swinson, on those gorgeous citrus...and kids- big kids, little kids, in-between kids.

I think it's funny how chickens and turkeys, physically speaking, are quite different in size, however their eggs, respectivly, are not. The first time I had seen a turkey egg, I was a bit surprised that it wasn't a scoosh bigger.
And what a colorful salad! Mike often teases me about my insistance over a colorful meal! It looks as good as I'm sure it tasted. Great idea.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Swinson said...

Hi Mrs. Mike! I know what you mean about turkey eggs seeming they should be much bigger. These are so pretty. I love speckled eggs. :)

I agree, meals should be colorful! Besides the more colors in the food the bigger the variety of vitamins. See, us women know what is good for our families.

live4god said...

our sons share the same name however mine is just a tad younger lol he is 10 my little sweetpea is 5 cant believe before we know it they will be grown too. Time just goes way to fast

Mrs. Swinson said...

Yes our children grow soo fast! It seems like yesterday they were just babies, and now they are big girls. Thanks for the comment live4god. : )