Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Huge turkey egg

Just the other day Mrs. Mike and I were talking about the size of turkey eggs.  How we both thought they would be bigger than they are.  Well one of my turkeys must have heard us talking!  Look at this whopper!  It was easily twice the size of the other turkey eggs.

And this is the reason it was sooo huge!  "Double yolker" as my girls like to say.

This is what else I did today.  Baked a batch of bread.  Well this is the left overs.  I actually did another small loaf for my Mom and Dad and also baked a pan of rolls.  But the small loaf is at Mom's and we ate the rolls for lunch!


Mrs. Mike said...

The poor turkey hen! She must be walking a little sideways today, Rough birth of an egg!

That is some FINE lookin' bread. We bake bread often but not usually in a bread pan for a 'loaf' shape. I should get on that, eh?

Mrs. Swinson said...

I have to say I heard a hen making a strange noise the day we got that egg. I thought it must have been kind of like a chicken does all that clucking after laying an egg. Now this turkey had something to be chirping about!

Home made bread is good no matter what shape it is. : )