Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A bit of disappointment

We had the vet out yesterday to check on Bessy. Come to find out she isn't pregnant after all. This is such a disappointment to us. We can't have her bred for another month or so as we wouldn't want her to calve during the flood season. So it will be almost a year before we get any milk. In the mean time I am going to keep an eye out for a cow already in milk to buy. Bessy would love some company anyway.

In other news my pepper starts are coming up. Also the tomatoes are doing good, the parsley is great and the basil and my walla walla onions are popping up. I need to get some more things started this week as well.

The weather is supposed to start warming up and becoming dry. I am looking forward to some spring weather!

Ed's new bees are doing great. He went out to check on them yesterday and they are making comb already. Soon they will have little cells of baby bees.

There you have the latest breaking news from Bountiful Acres Homestead. Have a blessed day!

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