Saturday, April 11, 2009

Barns and Bees and Such!

I have some more pictures to share today. First off we have a photo of the new barn being built by Ed and Ed alone. Well the girls have helped hold a few boards for him. And of course they are right on the site to help with advice and such! :) The barn would be finished by now if the weather would co-operate. It still is raining most of the time.

The next big news is our bees have arrived! We were expecting them today, but they came yesterday. This is the box that the bees come in. There are a few on the outside of the box, but the inside is just packed with them! Ed ordered the 3 pound package. Did you know that there are over 10,000 bees in three pounds? And a queen.

This is a closer shot of the box of bees.

Here he is shaking the bees into the hive.

Still shaking them into the hive.

Shaking some more...........

And finally putting the food in and the lid on.
Now this is the fun part. He comes walking over to me, covered in bees, especially on his back and hands me the brush to brush them off him! Hello?????? I don't have a bee suit on! Thankfully neither of us got stung. They were pretty calm bees. I only screamed once. That was when a bee was trying to go in my ear!

The orchard is just starting to bloom. Great timing for the bees to arrive. They will use the nectar from the orchard to feed themselves. Then the nectar they will gather for making our honey will be from the blackberries. So we will have blackberry honey. It is very very good!
We are moving right along in our plans for this year. The Lord is good and has blessed us so much. And to think, a couple of years ago I so wanted to move away from here. Amazing what the Lord can work in a persons heart.

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