Friday, November 28, 2008

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving at our house yesterday. For the first time in years I didn't have a big group for dinner. It was just Ed, myself, my parents and our two girls for dinner.

I was blessed to meet the woman who is the head of the rabbit barn at the fair. She stopped by today and looked at our rabbit. She told me Toffee IS a girl! So that is wonderful news.

It has been a very great Fall for us this year. We haven't had the drenching rains that we usually do. That means we haven't had any threat of the river flooding. I am praying that the rains come in spurts and then we have dry weather for awhile. Then we won't have any flooding this year. That will be such a blessing!

Ed has been blessed in his job. This is the provision of the Lord. It doesn't matter what the economy is, God's blessings supersede all. Ed now has extra customers on his route, and the company gave him a big truck with a lift gate on it instead of the little Ford van he was driving before. This amounts to more hours on each paycheck. I am so thankful for a hard working husband and for God blessing his job.

My next few weeks will be busy with sewing gifts for Christmas for our daughters. We are not using credit cards for Christmas this year. We have vowed to get out of debt and stay out! So this year most all will be things made at home. My extended family will get home canned goods and breads for Christmas.

Our farm is doing well. The ducks are big and healthy, the chickens are laying less eggs, but that is normal for winter and they are starting to molt. Bessy is gaining a bit of weight and is such a joy on the place. We are so happy to find out Toffee is a girl! Our pups Duke and Abby are finally starting to calm down a bit. They are so big and so full of energy!

Today might be a good day to put away the Fall/Thanksgiving decorations and think about getting out the Christmas things. The girls always get so excited when we start decorating for Christmas.

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