Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our newest barnyard addition

This is Toffee our only rabbit. She was given to us along with the hutch. I don't know what breed or mixed breed she is. Really don't even know if this is a "she" or not. We do know that she is pretty and healthy!
Other news on the farm is about our cow Bessy. We had her bred the end of October. She should be giving us a calf around July 31st. Hopefully we will get a heifer calf. We had her bred to a purebred Jersey bull. She should have a pretty little calf!
Thankfully canning season is about over. I have apples to can and dry and jams and jellies to make and that will be it for this year.
Ed and I went mushroom picking yesterday. We got a grocery bag full of Chanterelle mushrooms. We hope to get more before the season is over. It will be nice to have them in the freezer and have some dried. Picking fresh wild mushrooms is much better than buying the grocery store versions.
We also bought 20 pounds of fresh cranberries from a local cranberry farm. I will be making juice and cranberry sauce for the pantry and keeping some frozen for muffins and such. They are so good for us. Hopefully we will get another 20-30 pounds on payday.
Ed put up a shelter for Bessy the other day. Now she can get in out of the weather and has a dry place to sleep and eat. She really likes it too. I feel much better knowing my cow can be dry and comfortable now.
PS. Today we had to rename our rabbit. We found out for sure it isn't a "she", but a "he" instead. So Toffee has become Frank. : )

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