Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Latest Update

Here it is the end of the month, and our realtor has shown the house twice before we are finished with all the remodeling and upgrades.

We are almost finished with the upstairs. A little more sanding of the drywall compound then the painting. Ed has painted the trim that goes around the windows outside of the house. Now for the time to put it up and do the sofits.

Several of our outside accumulations are now gone! We sold the old pickup, the 5th wheel trailer and the bus finally! Now just a boat to go and a horse trailer. We are also going to sell Eds pickup before we leave. With the things we have sold, we now have the money we need to travel across the country. We have money for gas, and motels and food.

Now we just have to sell the house! We have been having a burn pile every so often and are burning what is not good enough to donate or that no one would want. How freeing it is to get rid of extra stuff! We now must be able to get everything we are keeping into one 26' truck. We will also have a trailer for carrying the 4-wheeler and the garden tractor.

It is going to be wonderful to have a fresh new start and a de cluttered house and shop!

These are the latest happenings at the Swinson house.

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