Friday, May 11, 2007

House for Sale!

We have listed the house. There won't be any showings until the end of May as we aren't quite finished with the little details here and there.

French doors are in, living room chairs are recoverd, painting downstairs is finished, the kickerboards are installed in the kitchen, and I have rearranged the living room and taken out the extra furniture. Looks much larger and brighter now.

I have gotten some really great ideas from watching HGTV. : ) We still have the outside trim to paint, the painting upstairs and putting in some carpet up there. Painting the stairs and building the new steps to the front door. The roofer is supposed to come by and give us an estimate soon. Then it will all be finished at last!

We have decided as soon as that is all finished we are going to relax this summer. We are going to go to the beach, fishing, crabbing and just relaxing.

The garden is all tilled up and about ready to plant. Our garden is 50'X75' and we plant the entire space. This year instead of canning and drying and freezing all the produce we have decided what we don't share with others, we will sell at the local Farmer's Market. The money from those sales will be put in a savings account titled "Homestead Livestock" and we will use that for buying our farm animals when we get settled once again.

We are moving right along. The place is looking nice as the cherries are on the tree and the roses are beginning to bloom and everything is so green and fresh looking.

We have had another person come to look at the bus today. They are real serious about it. Please let it sell this time!

This is the latest news in the Swinson family.

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